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"All About The Borzoi Dog"


The Borzoi is a sight hound also called the Russian Wolfhound.

Alternate Names

Russian Wolfhound
Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya


Body: Long, tall and stately with sturdy bones and a deep chest

Coat: Long and Silk-like. Can be flat or wavy

Color: Most any colors and combinations

Ears: Small, fine, narrow, tapering to a point and set high and back

Eyes: Dark, almond-shaped and set obliquely (outer corners higher than the inner corners) with black rims

Feet: Forefeet are narrow and oval-shaped. Hind feet are harelike with well-arched knuckles and tight toes

Head: Distinctively long with powerful jowls, and slightly domed skull

Legs: Forelegs are Long and straight. Hind legs are long, straight, well muscled and slightly wider than the forequarters

Neck: Powerful and somewhat arched

60 - 105 pounds
Height: 26 - 32 inches

Tail: Long and set low with a graceful curve

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Recommended for experienced handlers
Good with older, more respectful children

A very gentle, elegant, and dignified breed of dog, the Borzoi is sturdy and noble in stature. He is quiet and well behaved indoors and powerfully explosive when outdoors where he can show off his tremendous speed and gracefully gaited running ability. It will only take seconds for your Borzoi to disappear if not under the control of a leash or safely within the confines of a closed in area.

It's said that the leading cause of death of the Borzoi is from running in front of cars. Their great speed and focus when chasing prey often tend to lead them into the public roads and the danger of oncoming vehicles.

Borzoi dogs can become shy and timid, or even aggressive, if not socialized when young. He is usually good with older, respectful children and with other dogs but will give chase to anything that runs. This may be a smaller dog or a neighbors cat. Being the independent dog they are, they may not immediately obey your commands when their interests have been sparked by what they perceive to be prey.

The Borzoi is a sensitive dog who dislikes being teased or harassed in any way. Treat your Borzoi with respect, don't intentionally poke or startle him in an effort to tease or play with him.

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Breed Type

AKC Group: Hound Group (Sight Hound)

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Care and Grooming

Exercise: Moderate exercise is all that is required but a large and enclosed area is best to let the Borzoi get a fast, fun and rewarding run.

Grooming: Brushing should be done two time weekly and daily during shedding season


Life Expectancy: 12 - 15 Years

Possible Problems:
Gastric Torsion
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Sensitivity to anesthesia and other drugs

Due to their sensitive nature, it is best to be cautious when using flea treatments and when around chemically treated lawns and gardens.

Before administering any type of medication check with your veterinarian. Borzois often have allergic reactions to anesthesia, vaccinations, and other chemicals.

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