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Skye Terriers

"All About The Skye Terrier Dog"

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"The Skye Terrier is a small dog with a
good temperament and keen scenting ability."

Alternate Names

Clydesdale Terrier
Paisley Terrier
Fancy Skye Terrier
Glasgow Terrier
Silky Skye Terrier


Body: Sturdy with a level backline, oval chest, and well-developed hindquarters.

Coat: Straight, flat, long, and wiry outer coat with a soft, dense, and wooly undercoat.

Color: Fawn, blue, dark or light gray, cream, silver platinum, or black.

Ears: Pricked or drop. If prick they are medium size, high set, and erect. If drop they are slightly larger, low set, and hung down by the head.

Eyes: Medium size, hazel or dark brown, and close-set; expressively intelligent.

Feet: Large, long, and hare-footed with dense pads and strong dark or black nails.

Head: Long with tapering skull (back to front), slight stop, strong, dark muzzle, and black nose.

Legs: Forelegs are short, straight, and muscular. Hindquarters are strong, muscular, and well angulated with short, straight, well-muscled legs.

Neck: Long, elegantly arched, and carried high.

Weight: 19 - 23 pounds
Height: 9.5 - 10 inches

Tail: Long and gracefully feathered. Carried straight or hanging.

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Recommended for experienced owners
Bossy with other dogs
Aggressive with other small animals

The movie Greyfriars Bobby is based on a true story about a shepherd, in Scotland, and his loyal dog. Each day the shepherd and the dog would visit a local cafe. After the shepherds death, the dog continued to visit the cafe every day until he himself passed away. It was so touching to all who new the dog that a statue, shown in the picture at the top of the page, was built in memory of this incredibly loyal Skye Terrier.

AKC Standard says, "Fearless, good-tempered, loyal and canny, he is friendly and gay with those he knows and reserved and cautious with strangers."

With his short legs, keen scenting ability, and quick, agile body, he is able to locate prey in their burrows and go underground to seek them out. Small though he may be, he is very bold, and more rugged than one might expect. Other dogs will come under his dominance and he will view cats, rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals as prey. He is bossy with other dogs and will try to be bossy with some people who are accepting of it.

With his terrier instincts it's best to keep him on a lead or in a well secured yard to prevent him from chasing prey out into traffic or other harmful situations. Early obedience training and socializing will help develop a well-behaved, confident adult Skye.

Being a strong-willed but sensitive dog, he is best suited for an experienced dog handler who can lead with strength but have the patience to respect the character of the Skye. A positive approach is always best with gentle correction, reward-type treats, and lots of praise for a job well done.

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Breed Type

AKC Group: Terrier Group

Originated on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and used to hunt badgers, fox, weasels, and otter.

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Care and Grooming

Exercise: A moderate amount of daily exercise is sufficient.

Grooming: Brush one to two times weekly and comb daily.


Life Expectancy: 13 - 14 Years

Possible Problems:
Autoimmune disease - a bleeding disorder
Breast Cancer
Degenerative disc disease
Hemangiosarcoma - splenic tumor that may rupture. Increasing in occurrence
Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
Skye Limp or Puppy Limp - from exercising too much when they are too young*

*The legs of the Skye Terrier puppy are bowed and fragile. Until they have fully developed, he should be kept from climbing stairs, jumping off of furniture or from any other activities that will put stress on his young bones.

For more on health issues you can visit The Skye Terrier Club of America.

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skye terrier statue
The statue of Greyfriars Skye Terrier "Bobby""

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